"Treat them well and let them lead the way."

Soccer Sidekick's

Soccer Sidekick's (www.northgeorgiaunited.com) come to
Tomorrow's Child Centers once a week.

Benefits for children

2011_Preschool_Soccer.JPGFUN! FUN! FUN! 'Soccer Sidekicks' incorporates soccer with songs, nursery rhymes, activities, stories and active adventures that children love and enjoy. Children remain active, engaged & enthusiastic.

Confidence!! Independence!! Belief!! 'Soccer Sidekicks' promotes lifelong characteristics such as honesty, effort and respect. While incorporating important team dynamics like team work, listening, communication, fair play and decision making.

Improves fitness!! One of the key elements to 'Soccer Sidekicks' is it's health benefits. Our 'Sidekicks' program install positive and fun habits for future fitness, while developing the child's current physical skill and condition.

Improves skill!! As a team mate in our 'Sidekicks' program each child will have constant interaction with 'Spot' the ball. Each session our 'Sidekicks' enjoy continuous touches on the ball. Such ball acquisition and familiarity at a young age make our program and its results unique and unrivaled.

Enhanced skill levels!!
Soccer is the only sport which involves a ball at the feet, with the body constantly moving, changing direction and varying speed. 'Soccer Sidekicks' guarantee a greater improvement in gross and fine motor skills in comparison to other sports and activities.

Benefits for parents

Increased family time!! You can spend more time together as a family by having one less after school program to attend.

Save money!! 'Soccer Sidekicks' is a mobile program offered at the school during the day. It saves travel time to and from different facilities, saving you time, gas and car mileage.

Sport specific advantage!! Soccer is the only sport where you can start playing as soon as you can stand. Children can practice and try to replicate what older children, teenagers, college players and the pros do. Give them the advantage by enrolling them in 'Soccer Sidekicks today.